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Cost of Living in Florida

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Naples, Florida - Paradise Living within the Gulf Coast

The single most asked question I get asked daily is this: ‘What is the cost of living in Naples, FL?’. Although I can share my personal experience with you every situation is different and complex to some extent. But what if I could provide a comparison tool that helps provide data that take into account median income and cost of living data which is ranked nationwide? provides all of this data and so much more. We live in beautiful Naples, FL which is located within Collier County on the gulf coast of Florida. Collier County ranked No. 4 in SmartAsset’s list of “Places with the Most Favorable Cost of Living” in Florida. The study compares median income and cost of living data nationwide to find the counties where people hold the most purchasing power. Collier was listed with $38,130 in cost of living; $69,653 in median income; and Purchasing Power Index of 68.90. But there are more cities in Collier County than just Naples too. Plus we boarder Lee County which also boasts some pretty amazing places to live and work with beautiful beaches too.

So I wanted to experiment with my own comparison which includes Danbury, CT and Naples, FL. This comparison includes property tax, house costs and food costs. Also, you need to take into account there is no income tax in the State of Florida which add back about 12% to your paycheck!

Want to compare your own area to Naples? The full study results, methodology and interactive map can be found here.

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