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Do Trees Affect Property Value?

How trees effect your property value.

The visual appeal of trees and also landscape lighting is unmistakable—both attract buyers. Research has shown that planting large trees can increase property values anywhere from 3% to 15%, according to the Arbor Day Foundation.

Choosing the right trees for your home

Selecting the right trees for your property requires understanding your local ecosystem and tree species native to your region. But it also comes down to the look you want to achieve in your landscape design.

Above all, though, location and climate will always play the most significant factor in determining what tree can be planted for a home. To start, homeowners should first look up their home’s hardiness zone to see which trees will thrive best in the specified location. That will help you narrow down the list of trees you can plant.

Keeping plants and shrubs fertilized and well taken care of does make a difference for curb appeal. Be sure to remove any dying landscape and weeds. Also adding a fresh layer of mulch gives the updated appeal buyers are looking for when searching for their home. Remember every little attention to detail gives buyers the first impression the home has been expertly cared for in every way. Plus lets ensure you get top dollar for your properties sale.

Choosing trees and plants that will thrive in your current location are important. Along with how much care they will need. Are they self pruning? How tall will they grow? How many do you need to cover your area? Local landscape design professionals are always great to connect with. Need help finding someone? Reach out to me and I will help connect you with a landscape professional to help make this process a breeze!

To find out the best options for your location take a look at the map and search more on Arbor Day.

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