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Home Décor to Look Out For in 2021

Even with 2020 in the rear-view mirror, it's fair to assume we'll still be spending a good amount of time at home in early 2021. Here's a roundup of popular décor and design trends to keep in mind if you plan to redecorate this year, so you can nest with the best.

Comfort and functionality

2020 was a year when most of us spent more time at home than ever before. Not only were we confined to our homes during our free time, but our homes also became our gyms, our schools and daycares, and (if we were lucky) our offices. All of these new demands have made comfort and functionality top priorities in home design.

Unused guest rooms and formal living rooms have been given more useful purposes. Home offices have gone from makeshift setups to more permanent work stations. The rise in popularity of overstuffed living room furniture signals that consumers are focused on actually relaxing in their living spaces. Furniture sellers are also seeing high demand for partitions and room dividers, as people look to subdivide their limited free space.

Lighter wood

Inspired by the minimalist aesthetic of Scandinavian and Japanese design (that's "Japandi" for the uninitiated), lighter wood will be a popular choice in 2021. From furniture to flooring, blonde and light oak woods make spaces feel bright, open, and modern - even if your other décor is more traditional.


Consider "Grandmillennial" design to be the wild-child cousin of buttoned-up "Japandi" minimalism. Imagine the comforting traditional styles of your grandparents' home but with trendy updates. Colorful wallpaper, rehabbed antiques, and busy patterns on furniture and rugs are making a comeback with people tired of minimalism.

While these trends are no doubt driven by nostalgia and warmth, sustainability is an added factor. Antique furniture and home goods are available in abundance at affordable prices and were manufactured at a time when products were built to last. Since you're not shopping at a big box store, your décor is also sure to be unique.

Neutrals are no longer the default

For years, neutral gray, beige, and white were the go-to paint colors for walls and cabinets. Now, bold blues and greens are rising in popularity, and that's not just limited to accent walls. Expect to see splashes of color covering entire rooms and cabinetry in 2021, as consumers try to recreate the colorful environs of restaurants and hotels in their own homes.



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