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Listing Secrets that Work!

Getting top dollar for your property is the priority of any agent and seller.

You can always ensure the house is clean, neat, and decluttered. Plus bake cookies, have fresh flowers displayed in the house such as roses, lavender and fuchsia’s (which are my favorite). But according to these top 10 tips help get the highest price, spark a bidding war and ultimately reach the goal of selling your house.

  1. Mailbox: make sure it’s in tip top shape! Curb appeal and first impressions are forever lasting! They are not as costly as you would think and are a minimal investment.

  2. Use Each Room As Intended: is your dining room a gym? Or living room a playroom? Utilizing each room as it’s intended space helps buyers visualize their new space with their belongings. But remember you can always have one room that you can store boxes.

  3. Reglaze The Bathrooms: is your bathroom tile pink or yellow? For a few hundred dollars you can hire a professional to reglaze the bathroom to make it look practically new! Tip, don’t forget the tub and deglazing is a snap! You can even do this yourself and it is very easy to apply. Your local hardware store carry’s the tub reglazing product to purchase.

  4. Frame A House Love Letter: what is your house’s story? Did you raise a family there? Was it your vacation home? Write your house’s story on one page and frame it to be placed on the kitchen counter. Buyers like to know their new home has been loved and cared for and it helps to build that must have connection. Your agent should help with the creation and framing!

  5. List Slightly Under Value: data shows that if you set the value ten percent less than the agreed upon amount it spikes up interested buyers. Ultimately driving up the price and selling for over the expected price. 99.1% of listed Naples properties sold for asking price or above in May 2021.

  6. Provide Neighborhood Info: many buyers are moving to new areas this year from all over the country. Provide info of your favorite hidden gems, beaches and attractions. These are things only you as the homeowner will know. Work together with your agent to create a one sheet list for showings.

  7. Describe The Neighborhood Culture: this should be placed within the listing to attract buyers. The smallest details sometimes have the largest impact.

  8. Don’t Forget To Add In The Extras: did you put upgrades into the house such as lighting, pool, outdoor kitchen, crown molding, etc. Creating this list shows the potential buyers all of the added features your home boasts and why your house maybe listed higher than a neighbors.

  9. Create A Video Tour: your agent should be able to create a video tour to add to the marketing efforts put forth to sell the house. Not a slideshow of the already posted photos (snooze). This is my favorite thing to do. I love creating video tours of homes that walks the buyer through the home.

  10. Get A Pre-home Inspection: of course buyers will want their own home inspection but this provides so much value and a general idea of the property’s condition.

Potential home buyers will be very impressed with the attention to detail provided. Showing how much care you provided to your investment. Getting your home sold is always my top priority and for top dollar!

Thinking of selling? Reach out to me for a complementary home evaluation. Lets get the most for your investment.

~ Felicia, xoxo

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