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Stress-Reducing Tips for Planning Your Long-Distance Move

As many of you may or may not know we moved from the Northeast, Connecticut to be exact. The move down here was exciting, nerve racking and stressful to say the least. Taking steps to reduce this stress is something I greatly recommend. But before we talk about some of these amazing tips lets get a starting point on what exactly you are moving.

When people move down to Florida the one thing I experienced as many others I know is this, do you need to move the entire household down? Not sure what I mean, let me explain more. The décor from the Northeast to Florida is VERY different. Take for example, I has mahogany heavy furniture from Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware that although was beautiful did not fit into the light, bright and airy Florida home I imagined. So when it came time for us to pack we sold every bit of furniture expect for a few family heirlooms and one bedroom set. We also sold every bit of décor, knick-knack, rugs, etc. that we did not want. This way we bought everything new down here for our new home. We only moved essentials and personal items, which if you can believe it still fit in a 26 foot moving truck!

Few questions to ask yourself are; What type of décor would you like your new home to emulate? How do you want to feel when you enter your home? Which pieces can you not live without? This will help you get started on sorting it all out.

In the meantime check out these amazing tips below Also know, I have moved my household down here and also two family members. We did our best not to waste time, money and effort during this move and still got rid of items after sorting out the moving boxes down here. This is a process and takes time but extremely possible. It is a very big move and can take a lot out of you. So be patient as it will all work out in the end. Reach out if you need help too. This is what I am here for! Also sign up for my newsletter to get up to date market information and more helpful tips and trend here.

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